I would rather own cryptocurrency directly than Marathon Digital

Desktop Metal: “Okay, listen. This is really important: it is pure 3D spec, but I like it more than [3D Systems Corporation]… Why? Because it’s only a couple of bucks. Now you can lose everything, remember this. But I like the fact that this is a pure specification. If you approach it this way, you are in good shape. ”

Marathon Digital: “Well remember, we’re just playing cryptocurrency. I would rather just own the cryptocurrency. I’ve always been frank, I have Ethereum. It was good for me. But how do I know that it is growing and why do I know? I do not know “.

AerSale: “This is aviation. I mean, what’s wrong with having a Boeing? Boeing belongs to my charitable foundation. We talk about this all the time. The shares went bankrupt today. This is an opportunity. This is where I would go. ”

Joby Aviation: “Dude, this is SPAC town … No, if you want SPAC from this line, I’ll give you Blade. I think Blade is an inexpensive item. I like them”.

CuriosityStream: These entertainment companies are all closed now. If you want to own entertainment that I really love is Disney. God, these are the most hated stocks in the universe, but that’s okay. I stick with it. … ”

Vuzix Corp .: “This is a specification, a specification, a specification. I think people think it’s a guarantee. If you want to speculate in this business, I agree, but other than that, no, thanks. ”

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