I will not recommend tobacco inventory at the show

MGM Resorts International: “He has a lot of good leadership at the top. I think it’s good, but tomorrow Wynne is reporting and Wynne, as my charitable foundation shows, will determine the direction of MGM, and now I can’t tell you how good Wynne will be because I think we like the future, not the past. “

Biohaven Pharmaceuticals: “Okay, tomorrow he will announce the closure. I just happen to like the company very much … I would take the money out of the house … and then let it work, because then you cannot lose money because you are playing with money at home. “

Gaotu Techedu: “China turned this into a non-profit organization, this is a kind of dice game, and I can not offer any information on this, other than pure speculation that the Chinese will allow these companies to return to the way they were, and I I don’t think they’re going to do that. ”

British American Tobacco: “I’m not going to recommend tobacco products on the show. I’m grateful to have the show online, but one of the things I have to do is say no. Just like I said we should ban these damn … vapes, a whole new generation is hooked on this, so no, I’m not going there. “

Alibaba: “I know people want me to recommend this promotion … I know I don’t need those 18 points that I know sounds crazy, I can find another 18 points elsewhere, so I I’m not going there. “

MiTek Systems: “I don’t know they have patented technology, recognition technology, which I think is pretty cool. I’ve always liked promotions. I think he has a good concept and therefore I will say that everything is fine. … ”

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