I think Chegg can be bought here

Matterport: “3D camera, everyone loves 3D. I’ve never made money on 3D. I’m going to have to take a big step because the stock has already moved too much. ”

Oscar Health: “Oh my god. No. Sometimes you need what I call a raison d’être … and I don’t see the point of this insurance company being. We have enough insurance companies. We have everything we need. I know it sounds heartless, but we don’t need these guys. Sorry. ”

Lemonade: “You know, this is a good company. I have to say the same about the Oscars. These are good companies. Oscar has excellent data. Lemonade has amazing prices, but it doesn’t give good stocks and that’s a problem. Oscar is a great company, not a great promotion. Lemonade is a great company, not a great promotion. I teach in this [CNBC Investing Club] that there is a difference, and most people don’t seem to understand the difference, so we have to teach. ”

BioNano Genomics: “There aren’t many, and you know what, that’s a good spec. I really like [CRISPR Therapeutics]… I do. I’m not against genomics. I love CRISPR. ”

Bristol Myers Squibb: “My charity sold it about 10 items ago and the reason we did it was because we just didn’t say, I don’t want to talk about the excitement. It is not right. But we just didn’t see enough to deserve this investment compared to others we felt in the drug group. I felt it when they were at 2.8%. [dividend yield]… At 3.59%, I’m with you, sir. … you don’t want to sell Bristol at 3.59%. ”

Chegg: “I’m going to take a chance … I think Chegg is really profitable here, okay? I think that’s enough”.

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