I still believe in Cleveland Cliffs

Schrödinger: “I don’t know. This seems low enough. I know it’s owned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but the problem is that Kathy Wood owns it. [for] THE ARK. When everything is good, it’s fantastic. When things are bad, it’s very bad. Right now, maybe go a little. Take a small stand if you like.”

Digital Turbine: “This is another one of those creative video situations. I have about 70 of them. At least it brings in money. But there are too many of them. a little more, let’s say, to make a fuss. There are too many of them, and no one can keep track of them, so they sell.

AGNC Investment Corp.: “A mortgage-backed, high-yield security company that does nothing. This is what she’s had since I started the show. This is what it remains, and I do not want you to participate in it. sell, sell, sell.”

Weber: “I recommended it. And Traeger, I mean, there are about five barbecue companies now. I do not know. I’m shocked it’s so small. it’s very inexpensive, but it doesn’t have a catalyst.”

Cleveland-Cliffs: “I was reviewing this company with Matt Horvin, my writing partner, and we were both shocked that it could be so low. Obviously the ratings are too high. Obviously, there are people who are going to say that she is a high multiplier because the numbers are too high. I still believe in the company.”

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