I prefer Sea Limited over Coupang

Himax Technologies: “So-so integrated circuit company. You want to go out on the big plate and buy Marvell Technology, which is a good breakout today. ”

Matterport: “When I think of Matterport, I think it’s a small Adobe company, and I say buy Adobe. [CEO] Shantanu Narayen will do it for you. ”

Coupang: “I am drawn to this all the time. I keep thinking this is the right way to go, but I have to tell you … I actually prefer Sea Limited. I think this is what you want to be involved in. ”

Bank of America: “You are holding your Bank of America shares. If it gets to $ 45, you buy more. This is the company that is most dependent on the higher rates in the country. She is very good at handling. Does a lot of good things. ”

Container shop: “This is a tricky option. It’s tricky because I’ve watched it lately and it just got a 30% move. That means we’ll be chasing him if I recommend him right here, so I won’t. ”I don’t want to do that. I want him to back down a little. ”

Khosla Ventures Acquisition II: “You know I like this one and I very rarely like SPACs. But this one has one of my absolute favorites. This is Sarah Friar’s company because this is Nextdoor. I love this product and I just think she is a super-super-CEO, so we will continue working on that next week. ”

iStar: “I’ve always liked iStar. I dealt with them in a businesslike manner. I think they are very, very good. I think it is inexpensive and I like it. I think this is a very, very good call. “

Disclosure: The Kramer Charitable Foundation owns shares in Marvell Technology.

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