I prefer Rio Tinto Vale.

ChargePoint: “ChargePoint is part of a very complex group. I did a lot of introspection and of course a lot of research on this group. There are too many players and there was not enough consolidation, so I am going to say, avoid that. ”

Protena: “I like it. I mean, I think they have a very positive formulation of Alzheimer’s and they have other things. [Eli Lilly] is a winner because Lilly doesn’t have a bad job like Biogen, she hasn’t been looking for big money and has more authority in the brain community. ”

Squarespace: “Design your own website, I don’t know. Wix, Adobe, no. I am not involved in this. Direct listing. No support on Wall Street. I say “No”.

Vale: “Yes, you have to be careful [of the stock’s roughly 17% dividend yield]… Brazilian company, many … environmental issues. I don’t trust this. Someone asked about [Rio Tinto] the other day. I think Rio is the best company. ”

Alibaba: “In the long run, I want you to leave. In the short term, the situation is clearly bouncing. Everyone sees it. move up, so scale. This is what I recommend. ”

QuantumScape: “It has detractors. It has big detractors, and I have to tell you, it worries me a lot because I want Volkswagen to take a large share of them, and they didn’t. If they did it, then I think it would really be beneficial. ”

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Disclosure: The Kramer Charitable Foundation owns stock in Eli Lilly.

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