I like Enphase Energy, not EVgo

EVgo: “EVgo, I know it sounds good … I really pulled my horns in. I like Enphase Energy, okay? This is the one I like. I looked at him looking for [CNBC Next Generation 50 index]… You need Enphase Energy. I know it’s a lot of money, but this is the best company. “

BigCommerce Holdings: “I think it has to do with the concept. I said it was conceptual versus material. This is a conceptual action. The company is losing a lot of money, so it has lost its luster. When we raise rates, this is what happens. It’s a weird interaction, but it’s tried and true. That is why this action will not be easy here. ”

LoanDepot: “Oops … this is difficult. I mean, hard enough for your own JPMorgan, do you have to have your own LoanDepot? Look, it costs $ 5. [per share]… I want to tell you to sell it for $ 5? Look, it can go up to $ 4 or $ 3. I don’t expect much growth. ”

Marquette: “I know I should be very enthusiastic about some of these stocks, but again, my focus is on what the Fed is doing, what the rates are, what the rebound is doing, and in this situation you don’t want that stock. “.

Alibaba: “Your golden goose can be cooked. This is how I look at it: it fell 46%. I’m not going to say that you should sell stocks 46% lower. However, every time I said, “You know what, China is the green light” over the past three years, it was wrong, so I start learning, make no mistake. ”

Harley-Davidson: “I think they reinvent themselves. I love what they have in stores, but again, they need to get younger. They keep trying to get younger, but they fail. Some foreign companies still have amazing, amazing brands. I’m going to give you a no sign on this.

KnowBe4: “This is a software security company and as you know, I always talk about my supporters, and my best is Palo Alto Networks.”

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