I like Eli Lilly, not Biogen and Cassava Sciences

Cassava Sciences: “It’s not that one. I don’t think they have it. I don’t think Biogen has it, although Medicare is going to pay for it. I think Eli Lilly has it, so we keep buying it for the charity. “

Root: Roots is a really great restaurant in Summit, NJ. The Ruth you are talking about is not the best insurance technology company that I think is [sell]… “

Zeta Global: “There are so many. We have so many of them. I’ll tell you to buy Salesforce, okay? Just buy Salesforce and we don’t have to fool around. ” no need to worry about new young ones. We can go with the already established ones. “

Doximity: “I know the assortment has been all over the place lately – up and down, up and down. I am still convinced that doctors love this product and therefore [buy, buy, buy]… “

ViacomCBS: “ViacomCBS did insider buying and it intrigued me and I think the stock is not expensive at all.”

Disclosure: The Kramer Charitable Foundation owns stock in Eli Lilly and Salesforce.

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