Hyundai Unveils Unique Ioniq 6 EV, ‘Electrified Fairing’

The latest electric vehicle from Hyundai Motor is a sedan with a unique, playful design.

The South Korean automaker unveiled the Ioniq 6 on Wednesday night as an “electrified fairing liner,” nodding to its aerodynamic design, which Americans may best know from the design of the Airstream trailer. This is a major styling change from the well-received Ioniq 5 EV that went on sale earlier this year.

Hyundai currently ranks second in electric vehicle sales in the US behind Tesla.

“Each Ioniq vehicle will have a different design…we all want our designers to always connect with customers on an emotional level,” said Sang Yup Lee, executive vice president and head of design at Hyundai, during the virtual media event.

Hyundai is expected to begin production of the vehicle at a plant in South Korea in the third quarter. It is expected to go on sale in the US in the first quarter of next year.

The cost of the car is not reported.

Hyundai expects the car to be able to travel 610 kilometers (380 miles) on a single charge, based on global standards. However, these testing standards differ from those in the US, meaning the US range is likely to be different.

The vehicle interior has two 12-inch screens for driver information and entertainment.

The Ioniq 6 will be the third all-electric vehicle in the US under the Hyundai brand, following the Kona and Ioniq 5 crossovers. The South Korean automaker also owns Kia, but the brands operate independently in the US.

Industry research firm LMC Automotive expects Hyundai, including Kia and its luxury brand Genesis, to rank second in U.S. electric vehicle sales this year, trailing only Tesla, which delivered more than 936,000 electric vehicles worldwide last year (the company continues to their supplies). down by region).

During the first six months of the year Automotive News reportsHyundai, Kia and Genesis sold a total of 34,518 electric vehicles in the US, which is less than Tesla’s sales but more than Ford Motor’s 22,979 electric vehicle sales, according to the report.

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