How to know if your car is made in the US

Finding out how many cars are made in America is incredibly difficult. US law requires companies to disclose where cars and their parts are made, but the facts they disclose can be confusing.

For example, U.S. car production is mixed with the Canadian workforce because the two countries are so tightly intertwined in the supply chain. And parts are shipped from countries all over the world. To add to the confusion, the same line of cars can be produced at the same time in two completely different countries.

Groups in the mall and in American University Kogod School of Business each publishes famous ranking lists of which cars are most produced in America and why.

Owners can tell a lot about where cars are made in three ways: look at two listings, look at the sticker on the windshield of a new car for sale, and look at the vehicle identification number.

Watch the video to find out more.

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