How college athletes line up tens of thousands of dollars in NIL deals

Nearly a year ago, the NCAA introduced a temporary name, image, and likeness policy that allows athletes, many of whom have large social media followings, to deal with local car dealerships and, in some cases, major retail and media brands.

Several states have written their own laws governing compensation by name, likeness, and likeness, commonly known as NIL. However, some states remained on the sidelines. Meanwhile, the NCAA has asked Congress to enact a federal law setting a framework that includes compensation for college sports.

“It was either a matter of economic rights, or a matter of civil rights, or a matter of racial justice, and, for some, it was all just unfair that these student-athletes were making so much money and could not be compensated for it,” Gabe said. Feldman, professor of sports law at Tulane University.

Watch the video above to learn more about how college athletes are using NIL deals to make tens of thousands of dollars, the growing backlash against the policy, and what college athletes can do now that they can turn their fame into dollar signs. .

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