Home Depot customers have proven resilient despite the turmoil, the CEO said.

Home Depot’s business remains strong even as turbulent economic conditions hit consumers’ wallets, CEO Ted Decker told CNBC’s Jim Cramer Friday.

His comments were in response to Kramer’s question about whether he saw the same signs of a recession that FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam warned about Thursday in Mad Money.

“Our consumers, our clients, professionals and craftsmen have proven resilient,” Decker said.

Last month, the company reported earnings and revenue that beat Wall Street’s most recent quarter expectations and cited a significant backlog despite a weak housing market and persistent inflation.

“Our clients tend to have high incomes. They are usually homeowners. And guess what, they’re spending more time in this house and this house is getting older,” Decker said.

He acknowledged that there was some softness in the seasonal segment, although the project business remained stable.

“It’s hard for us – is this a signal of demand due to the weather? We’ve had a tough spring,” Decker said. “Or is it a reaction to pricing or an uncomfortable level of the economy? It’s hard to understand it.”

However, the chief executive said that Home Depot remains confident in its development. “We couldn’t be more optimistic,” he said.

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