GoodRx is in the “no-fly zone”

AT&T: “Let me tell you how I feel about AT&T: I don’t hate it anymore.”

GrowGeneration: Very, very rarely do I say this. These are stocks whose time has come and gone. They bought a lot of companies. say goodbye, and that’s where it stays.”

Mode: “[The caller] Joe is absolutely right. This is a very good situation, but the volatile nature of this market does not allow InMode to hit the bottom. He trades as if he is losing a lot of money and doing nothing. I like Inmode. Can’t say when it will stop, but I love InMode.”

GoodRx: “They are all banned. They are in the no-fly zone. You just have to look at it that way.”

H&R Block: “They are against Intuit. It literally means to bring a knife into a gunfight. I can’t go there.”

Carrier Global: Yes, very much. Dave Gitlin is an amazing CEO. There is a company, I would buy some for $40, some for $35, and some for $30. Get to know it there and when it does, you should be big because it’s good company.”

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