GM unveils new self-driving Cadillac concept car

Cadillac InnerSpace Concept


DETROIT – General Motors unveiled a new personal self-driving concept electric vehicle from luxury brand GM Cadillac on Wednesday during the CES technology show.

The elegant two-seater, called InnerSpace, is part of the Cadillac Halo Concept portfolio, which debuted a year ago at CES with an urban air vehicle and shared autonomous shuttle.

GM CEO Mary Barra also revealed in a keynote speech that GM and its controlling subsidiary Cruise plan to offer consumers a personal, self-driving electric vehicle by mid-decade.

The timeline is the most detailed since Barra said last May that the company believes it can offer personal, autonomous vehicles intended for individual consumers, as opposed to fleet operators and on-call services, “later this decade “.

“While going in multiple directions simultaneously, GM and Cruise are gaining significant technological knowledge and experience, and we are working to get to the market faster with a retail personal autonomous vehicle,” Barra said on Wednesday. “In fact, we aim to launch our first personal autonomous cars in the middle of this decade.”

Rendering from GM of the “Cadillac halo portfolio,” including the concepts of the autonomous shuttle (right) and the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, also known as the flying vehicle.

Screenshot via GM

GM’s timeline for personal autonomous vehicles may seem aggressive given the setbacks in autonomous vehicle development in recent years. Cruise was originally supposed to begin commercializing the autonomous vehicle fleet in San Francisco in 2019, but has postponed those plans indefinitely to conduct further trials and obtain the necessary approvals.

Barra confirmed Wednesday that Cruise now expects those plans to be implemented in the coming months. In November, the company applied for the final permit required to commercialize its activities.

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