Germany is pushing to increase the intake of Covid vaccines after the rollout lost steam

Dr. Immanuel Hardtmann holds a syringe with the Modern vaccine at a temporary vaccination center on the Alexander von Humboldt Excursion boat on the first day of the Covid-19 #HierWirdGeimpft vaccination campaign (Get Vaccinated Here) on September 13, 2021 in Berlin, Germany.

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Germany has launched what it has called a “week of action” vaccination as the government seeks to reverse a slowdown in its Covid-19 immunization unit.

With about 62% of the German population now fully vaccinated, the development of the country is now lagging behind those of its European neighbors.

In an attempt to remedy this, this week will see mobile vaccination centers being set up on public transport, fire stations, places of worship and sports venues to allow easy access to a vaccine.

Chancellor Angela Merkel implored unvaccinated Germans to get the hang of it in her weekly podcast on Sunday, telling them that “it’s never been easier to get vaccinated. It’s never been faster.” He added that people could by Monday take a dose without an appointment at mobile vaccination centers that are set up across the country.

While it was “fantastic” that more than 55 million people in Germany took the offer of a vaccine and that 50 million of those were completely vaccinated, Merkel said: “Unfortunately the percentage of infections and the number of Covid-19 patients they have increased again in recent weeks, ”he added, with the vast majority of those in need of intensive care being vaccinated.

“To get through the fall and winter, we need to convince more people to get vaccinated,” he said. “I ask you: protect yourself and others. Get vaccinated.”

Slowing down of the summer

Germany’s vaccination efforts have been slowly slowing since June, data show, with the phenomenon also seen in other parts of Europe, particularly when vaccination actions have begun to target younger adults in by mid-summer and when several Covid restrictions had already been lifted.

More than 4 million people in Germany have contracted Covid-19 and about 90,000 people have died since the pandemic began. The latest data from Germany’s public health body, the Robert Koch Institute, shows Tuesday that 65.9% of the German population received at least one Covid stroke and 61.7% received two doses.

Covid vaccines on offer in Europe and the United States are clinically proven to prevent serious infections in individuals, as well as greatly lowering the risk of hospitalization and death.

Germany is now lagging behind other European countries in terms of its vaccine coverage, figures collected by Our World in Data show.

Officials are now willing to immunize as many people as possible before the fall when the colder, more mixed weather inside could allow the virus to thrive and spread even further.

Where some European countries have faced slowdowns in vaccination due to hesitation or rampant outreach campaigns, German officials believe their own implementation is delayed mainly due to complacency rather than hesitation over the strikes.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn told German radio station WDR 5 on Monday that “there are also those who actually have nothing against vaccination, who may even have already had an appointment, the they have failed, and they have done just another. ”

Some experts believe that vaccination action should focus on those who are still reluctant to get the shot, however.

The latest results of an ongoing study on vaccination testing in Germany, conducted by researchers at the University of Erfurt (and known as the COSMO study, or Covid-19 Snapshot Monitoring), published on Monday, found that vaccinators in Germany tend to be younger, female, are more likely to have a lower level of education and are more likely to be unemployed and that Germany’s vaccination program could better be targeted at people in these groups now.

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