Ford says reservations for F-150 Lightning electric pickup top 120,000

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning


DETROIT – Ford Motor’s upcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup is already attracting potentially new customers to the carmaker.

The company said it has received more than 120,000 reserves for the vehicle since its debut in May. Of those, about 75%, or 90,000, are new to Ford, according to the company.

While booking is not binding and requires only a $ 100 deposit, such a high percentage of potential new buyers is impressive for any vehicle and sales expectations.

A large chunk of those reservations could end up selling. Ford last month said it had converted about 66% of the 190,000 reserves for its recently launched Bronco SUV to order.

Ford still has a bit of work to do to replenish reserves for Tesla’s Cybertruck. Less than a year after its debut, Tesla said in September that it had received more than 500,000 orders for its Cybertruck.

Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, during the company’s second-quarter earnings call told investors Wednesday that the company is working with EV battery cell suppliers to increase capacity for their EVs, including the F crossover. -150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E.

Prices for the F-150 Lightning range from about 40,000 for a work-oriented truck to more than $ 90,000 for its flagship model. Consumer-focused models will start at about $ 53,000, according to the vehicle manufacturer.

Ford said customer orders for the F-150 Lightning will begin in the fall, followed by deliveries starting in the spring of 2022.

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