First Person: An Entrepreneur Helping Women in the Middle East Enter the Digital Economy |

Ms Ataya is a Founding Partner and CEO of Mumzworld and has served on the Board of Directors of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy since 2011. Speaking with UN News’s May Yakkub, she shared the challenges faced by mid-level business women. East, and why she seeks to support them.

“I’ve worked in the digital economy in the MENA region for the past two decades and I’ve seen it go through some revolutionary changes. The digitalization of the global economy is key to the development of the world, but women are still very little served and we need to attract more.

UNCTADWith e-commerce for women does just that: helps women by providing information and resources that enable us as women to be heard and to contribute.

I look forward to using my new mentoring role and sharing my knowledge, skills and successes with other women in the region, as well as creating tools, information and resources for them.

On a mission to help mothers

I started my corporate career outside the Middle East, and over the years I have acquired the skills that will allow me to return home to the region and use the knowledge gained to create business in this part of the world and create value.

Mumzworld was created in 2011 to support women in the Arab world and help them make informed decisions for their families. Previously, access to goods for them was limited, prices were very high, and there was no online community for mothers to connect to. We set ourselves the challenge to address these challenges and created a business that reaches over 2.5 million mothers’ homes, with the largest quality product offering in the region, and has become a popular destination for global brands looking to reach Middle Eastern consumers.

Today we have over 350 employees, over 6,000 brands and over 300,000 products to sell on the website: a successful domestic business that has become the gold standard and has given impetus to other women to succeed and create more jobs in the region. …

Conor Lennon / UN News

View of Business Bay in Dubai from the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel

Male-dominated industry

The e-commerce industry in the Middle East is dominated by men, from vendors to shipping companies and financiers. For a woman working in this space, this can be a big challenge: you need to use your unique skills and abilities to navigate the corporate maze and be successful.

The good news is that when women are truly successful and building scalable businesses, we are giving other women the courage to come and start their own businesses.

It helped that my husband and three teenage sons are very understanding. Their support has been instrumental in my success, because an entrepreneur must compromise, sacrifice time, and put in a huge amount of effort, financial risk and compromise to build a successful company. “

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