Enterprise Product Partners – Winner

Illumina: “Illumina is great not only because [CNBC contributor Dr. Scott Gottlieb] is on the board. They have incredible technology and I love the diagnostic business. Buy Illumina. ”

Atai Life Sciences NV: “This is the one that fell so low that it is now an amazing spec to be honest. You don’t know, this is a die roll, but this is a specification and I would not sell it here. 6 dollars, I would be a buyer. ”

At risk: “No, no. There was an IPO in July. This is just an invitation [crushed like shares of Peloton have recently been]… If you need that kind of security, buy NortonLifeLock. We own it for [CNBC Investing Club] and this ends with a very important matter. I think this is what you need. ”

Affinity: “Well, for a while I was right. Now I was wrong. I think the doctors like it. Ask your doctor. They’re going to swear it. Incidentally, this is not Teladok, which was completely [crushed like shares of Peloton have recently been]if not toasted. I think DOCS is good, but as I said, I was wrong. I think this is an irreplaceable product and they make money, which for me speaks of good growth. ”

Enterprise Product Partners: “I love EPD. You have good dividends. Your volumes are growing now. You have reliable management, 7.8% yield. [at roughly $22 per share]… This is the winner. If [co-CEO] Jim Teague will come. It would be great.”

CNH Industrial: “I really, really like it. [agriculture,] you know I like Deer. I’m yours too. I also like AGCO. I think this is a winner. ”

SoFi Technologies: “Well, maybe what happened … it should never have been up there. And by the way, somebody did an incredible minor and got the hell out of it for a really good price. I really wish I knew more about the secondary product than I would about it. ”

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