DraftKings’ short-term projects can be a home of pain

New Relic: “It was one of the most incredible places. And Lew Cirn. [founder of New Relic] came back and became bigger than ever. “

DraftKings: “It’s like a war … That doesn’t mean DraftKings aren’t the best, they just stopped killing each other. And when they do, and people realize they are spending too much money on the client, DraftKings succeeds. This is my long term commitment. In the short term, this could be a home of pain. “

GrowGeneration: “I didn’t like this quarter. This quarter was not the best. I know that at first glance it looked like the same good old quarter. But it didn’t have the organic growth that I like. I do not want. you are in this promotion. It just isn’t right. “

Himax Tech: “If we go there [to Taiwan]We are going to buy Taiwan Semi. This is the only thing I like there. … I just don’t trust many of the stocks there. They let us down again and again. “

Kinder Morgan: “I think KMI is inexpensive. There was a downgrade the other day, which made everything look like everything was bad. Your yield is 6%. There are not enough pipes in the world. There are not enough pipes in our country. I think it works. “

Plug Power: “I want to keep Plug Power, not buy it right here. We just had a giant run, a huge Plug run. These stocks tend to recede after a long run. So let’s be a little careful. “

3D Systems: Sell, Sell, Sell. He had a very high mileage. And it’s time for me to stop. “

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