Doximity is a purchase here

Penn National Gaming: “These stocks have collapsed. They fell more than 40%. I must tell you that we are in the midst of the upcoming gambling season. Penn Nat and DraftKings, they might drop later, but right now I think selling them is a mistake. Wow, they’re bad, but selling them here is a mistake. “

GlaxoSmithKline: “GSK has a 5% return and is trying to add value. I think she’s okay. Not good. Not bad. I think it’s okay to own it. Profit is important. ”

Asana: “I actually think people are saying, ‘You know what, I think it’s too expensive compared to Salesforce, and Salesforce is just fine. Let’s own Salesforce, not this. ” This is kind of how this market works. ”

Doximity: “I like Doximity. … The doctors like it. They communicate with him, and he does not stop falling. But again, this is in line with the pattern I have been talking about throughout the show. We are trying to find support for these [kinds of stocks]… These are very expensive stocks. We are closer to the bottom than we were a week ago. I think you can buy Doximity here. ”

TG Therapeutics: “[CEO] Mike Weiss has not traded since his stock was around $ 4. … Biotech has found very little bottom line here, but TG Therapeutics is actually fine. They really did well. But they got a slight cut in target prices. They made a couple of mistakes. Let’s get Mike on board … and we’ll find out what’s going on. ”

Plug Power: “This is part of our [CNBC Next Generation 50 index]… Plug Power needs a faster environment. In fact, to raise interest rates, it is necessary for interest rates to fall, and now we do not have that. But I’m not going to tell you to sell Plug Power for $ 30. I think you can sell it for $ 40 a trade. ”

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