CVS Health is a good long term buy

WSFS Financial: “I love it. This is a good bank in a good area. Let’s try to get them. I’ve admired them for about 30 years now. ”

CVS Health: “I’m going to say yes” [for a long-term investment]with the help of the fabulous Lisa Gill [of JPMorgan] who told me to buy it for $ 15 and said never mind that it costs $ 100. Buy more. ”

Roblox: “Roblox is the type of stock that I’m willing to go through this period because it’s such an original and amazing way to play the metaverse.”

Paymentus Holdings: “I know this is a payment technology. These stocks are under so much pressure, but they do make money. Let me take a closer look at this and come back to you. ”

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