Covid vaccine may soon be approved in many countries

The Novavax coronavirus vaccine could be approved by regulators for use in many countries, including the United States, in the coming months, the vaccine maker’s CEO said Monday.

The company has applied for emergency approvals from 10 different regulatory agencies, Stanley Erk said on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street. It is currently available for use in 170 countries, he said.

“I expect that in the next 90 days we will be able to get all 10 of them,” Erk said.

Company Sent by its final data to the US Food and Drug Administration on New Year’s Eve. The company has yet to file a full application for an emergency use permit, he said, but will do so shortly and is awaiting a decision from US regulators in February.

A woman holds a small bottle labeled “COVID-19 vaccine” and a medical syringe in front of the Novavax logo in this October 30, 2020 illustration.

Dado Ruvich | Reuters

Erk did not name other regulatory bodies, but according to the company’s websiteIt recently applied for approval in Japan, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Several other health agencies around the world have already approved the vaccine.

Novavax recently shipped its first doses of the vaccine to Europe after receiving approval from European Union regulators last month, Erk said.

“It all fits together,” Erk told CNBC.

The vaccine may be in high demand. The Novavax vaccine is protein-based and uses technology that is an alternative to the more common mRNA vaccines. Skeptics suspicious of the mRNA technology may be leaning towards a version of Novavax, which also causes fewer side effects than other vaccines, Erk said.

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