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Transparent barriers providing social distancing measures can be seen on tables in a Hong Kong restaurant on Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

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From Friday, Hong Kong will ban most social events, from bars and pubs to gyms and karaoke rooms.

The Asian Financial Center will re-enact stringent Covid-19 measures within two weeks – Friday through January 20 – as the city prepares to spread the highly contagious variant of the omicron. They will be reviewed in a week.

“At any time we are faced with a very dire situation of a large community outbreak and therefore we must take very drastic action,” CEO Carrie Lam said Wednesday, announcing a series of stringent measures to contain the outbreak. as soon as possible.

The government announced that incoming flights from eight countries will be banned from Saturday to January 21st. These are Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Hong Kong reported 38 new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday and has 12,708 confirmed cases so far. according to government website

So far, 73.4% of the total population have received two doses of the vaccine as of Thursday. according to government data.

Tightened social distancing rules include a ban on dining in restaurants after 6 p.m., the closure of theme parks, museums and venues including fitness centers and bars.

The government is also canceling massive cycling, cycloton and entertainment venues such as Hong Kong Disneyland, cruise ship tours, nightclubs and karaoke for 14 days starting Friday.

Here is a list of everything that will be closed from January 7th.

  • Restaurants should also stop offering dining services to customers daily from 6:00 pm to 4.59 am local time the next day during this period.
  • Bars and pubs will be closed.
  • Live performances and dance activities are not permitted in catering facilities. Here, too, karaoke or mahjong-ting kau should be suspended.
  • Entertainment facilities closed: theme parks, museums, party rooms, karaoke rooms, game centers, Chinese-style gambling establishments for mahjong and ting kau (dominoes), venues for events and performances, cinemas will be closed.
  • Sports and beauty activities: fitness centers, swimming pools, sports facilities, as well as beauty salons and saunas will also be closed.
  • Tour Termination: All local tours and nowhere cruises have been suspended.
  • Discontinued visits to government hospitals and nursing homes.

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