Buy Canadian Pacific if you believe in economic recovery

Carnival Corp .: “No, too early, too early. It’s Norwegian. This is the one with the best balance and the best situation, then maybe we can get down on Carnival later. ”

Fulgent Genetics: “These stocks are a mystery to me. This is a company that is doing well. I think it’s okay to own it. I think this is a very good company. ”

Canadian Pacific: “You should love the company. These are the rails that have dropped so far that I think you need to buy them if you think there is a chance the economy will recover again and I think it will. “

Cassava Sciences: “All I know is that the SEC, according to Dow Jones, is investigating the company. Until I see more about it, I’m not going to say anything about cassava. ”

Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corp III: “Look, I loved it. I must tell you that these are speculative stocks. This is SPAC, none of them seem to be working right now, but basically they are great promotions, how about what. ”

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