Business remains ‘virtually unaffected’ amid omicron threat

The Bumble business has remained “largely unaffected” despite growing concerns over the Covid omicron option, dating app CEO Whitney Wolf Heard said Tuesday.

“These are not just household stocks or new stocks,” Wolf Heard said in an interview with Mad Money, referring to two broad investment topics that have emerged during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Demand does not change when these options appear. Demand does not change with different constraints. People need love. People need a connection, ”she added. “This is not going anywhere, regardless of the changing landscape of this pandemic, so our business remains largely unaffected by this new wave.”

Wolf Heard said Bumble users rely on the dating app’s features differently depending on the public health situation around them.

“We have opportunities on both sides of the coin,” she said.

For example, if a user lives in an area where social activities such as dining out are restricted, Wolf Heard said that this is where Bumble’s “Night In” trivial game comes into play, allowing people matched in the app to connect virtually.

The CEO and founder said a similar dynamic is seen in another feature launched by Bumble during the pandemic: video calling.

“Even if you can’t run down the street to a local cafe, you can still jump on a video date dedicated to our product,” said Wolf Heard. “Things are changing, yes, but we have the opportunity and leverage to use when these markets are really in more trouble when it comes to getting people out the door.”

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