Boeing delivered 27 aircraft in October, airlines are still waiting for new Dreamliners

A Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner drives past the final assembly building at Boeing South Carolina in North Charleston, South Carolina on March 31, 2017.

Randall Hill | Reuters

Boeing said Tuesday that it delivered 27 aircraft to customers last month, but deliveries of its 787 Dreamliners remain on hold as airlines prepare to revive international traffic.

The US on Monday lifted the pandemic travel ban for visitors from 33 countries, and airline executives said international travel bookings had skyrocketed. Deliveries of wide-body aircraft, which are often used for international flights, have been suspended for much of the past year after Boeing discovered a number of manufacturing deficiencies and took additional time to validate its aircraft.

American Airlines and United Airlines are among the carriers with outstanding Dreamliner orders. Both carriers are looking to expand international flights next year, looking to catch up after two years of weak overseas travel demand due to the pandemic and a host of travel restrictions.

American Airlines Chief Financial Officer Vasu Raja said Dreamliner’s delivery will set the pace for its international expansion.

“This has a very significant impact on how quickly we can return to the international level,” Raja told CNBC.

Among Boeing’s 27 deliveries last month, there were 18,737 Max, one freighter 747, one freighter 767, and two freighters 777. Freight aircraft and air cargo were in high demand during the pandemic due to supply chain problems and reduced capacity of others. passenger aircraft.

The manufacturer placed net orders for seven aircraft, including eight Maxes and two 777 freighters. It also registered three cancellations, including two 787-10 for air leases.

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