Africa is ‘home of hope’ despite new challenges: Guterres |

“Africa is the home of hope,” said General Secretary António Guterresreferring to the “growing and vibrant youth population of the continent”.

And with initiatives such as the African Continental Free Trade Area, the Decade of Women’s Financial and Economic Inclusion, and the African Union’s (AU) bold set of game-changing Agenda 2063 proposals, “the outlook on the horizon is bright,” he said. .

Obstacles to Success

However, a senior UN official recalled that there are “many problems preventing Africa from realizing its full potential.”

He pointed to COVID-19 the pandemic and its devastating impact on African economies, along with climate change, unresolved conflicts and a serious food crisis.

And the war in Ukraine exacerbates the problems, “creating the perfect storm for developing countries, especially in Africa.”

“This crisis is driving food, energy and fertilizer prices soaring, with devastating effects on nutrition and food systems, while making it even more difficult for the continent to mobilize the financial resources needed to invest in its people,” the General secretary. .

memorial day

Africa Day commemorates the founding in 1963 of the Organization of African Unity, now known as the AU, and provides an annual opportunity reflect on the problems and achievements of the continent.

Among African countries, UN entities have long played a key role in proclaiming the fundamental values ​​of the Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

From peace and security to socio-economic development and regional integration, the United Nations has proven to be an indispensable partner.

Standing in solidarity

As 2022 is declared the Year of Nutrition by the AU, the Secretary-General called on the world to “come together in solidarity with all Africans to improve food security and make nutrition accessible to everyone.”

“We must also intensify our efforts to end the pandemic, reform the global financial system, stop climate change and silence guns in all conflicts,” he added.

In closing, the UN chief pledged continued support from the Organization, which is “proud to support Africans as we work to fulfill the promise of a prosperous and peaceful Africa.”

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